CEPAD’s focus on education is targeted at increasing access to quality education and enhancing learning outcomes especially for girls and boys in Nigeria. Our vision in this regard is driven by our understanding of the intrinsic right of young girls and boys to not only have access to quality education but in a safe and secure environment. Our strategy rests on utilizing innovative yet accessible technology driven and non-technology tools that enables girls and boys learn in safe spaces.

In order to motivate and inspire young girls and boys towards educational pursuit and encourage their parents and other stakeholders towards greater commitment, we employ creative methodologies to amplify the value of education for girls and boys and how it aids societal growth. We also employ various citizen-centred strategies to identify barriers to education for girls and boys and utilize our findings to carry out evidence-based advocacy to government agencies, officials and policy makers with a view to the enactment of policies and programs that addresses those barriers.

One of our ongoing education program is the Radio School Project which South Saharan Development Organization (SSDO) is implementing in partnership CEPAD in Adamawa state.