Over the years, Nigeria’s healthcare system has witnessed continued decline in addressing the healthcare needs of citizens. Although there have been several interventions to address the challenges associated with the decline, citizen voices in the process have often been missing or marginal not because they do not wish to contribute or be heard but because they lack the knowledge and skills on how to harness their voices and contribute. Policies and programs that emanate from government have often not met the needs of citizens largely due to lack of ownership.

There is always the feeling by citizens of government programs being one of “government and us|” rather than a feeling of “it is ours”.
CEPAD’s focus on health is therefore targeted at educating and mobilizing communities to play active roles towards removing the barriers to effective healthcare and sustainable wellbeing of their people. In doing so, CEPAD utilizes a range of innovative strategies aimed at helping communities identify barriers to effective healthcare and healthcare delivery and from there develop strategies for removing identified barriers.